Indian Flow is the account of what can happen if you let yourself be carried away by India, taking the opportunity of a closer look at a reality culturally and sociologically very rich in food for thought.
Thanks to close contact with local people, it is possible to share the almost primordial “naturalness” you find in the thousands of little “rituals” that give rhythm to indian life. 
Going to the river at dawn for bathing and doing the laundry; a joyful funeral involving a whole village; 50 million Hindus taking part in a mass pilgrimage; the chaotic life in the streets; the faces, the gestures and the words of people bumped into...
In this documentary, in which observation goes along with interaction, Indians play the leading role. It's not easy to remain insensible to the curiosity Indians express towards travelers, a “helpfulness” that sometimes turns into intrusiveness.
In India you feel you're never alone. You sense it walking down the street, getting in touch with whoever you meet, feeding the flow of interactions, relations, cross talks, looks, experiences.