Indian Flow is an independent, crowd-funded documentary. The main part of the production expenses was paid by the large number of supporters that believed in this project. Thanks to every one of them!
Enjoy the full-lenght version of the documentary:

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The DVD contains the documentary (running time: 52 minutes), and various extra contents (interviews, cut scenes).

Here is how this crowd-funding campaign started:

Indian Flow: a crowd-funded production experiment applied to a documentary...

Working since some years with audiovisuals (movies, shorts, documentaries, investigative reports), I ran into different Italian realities of broadcast and theatrical production and distribution.

Often I had a close look at an old, curved up and lobbystic mechanism, in which financial players hardly ever are enough brave, far sighted or interested in betting on non-commercial projects.

But probably trash movies, reality shows, quiz shows, shallow media or boring talk shows aren't enough to satisfy a varied audience, also looking for something new. No wonder many viewers give up on traditional media and move elsewhere (mainly to the internet).

Therefore, I'd like to walk an alternative way in the production of my next documentary. In Italy, we had few successful experiences on this line, particularly with the system offered by “Produzioni dal basso”: a non-profit group offering new publishing tools, in which the audience itself determines what will be produced.

Through this platform, I'll apply the crowd-funding to “Indian Flow”, the travel journal of my trip to India. It's a documentary structured in episodes, an account of what can happen if you let yourself be carried away by the “flowing” of India. An Hindu funeral in Agra; a string puppet show in a Gipsy's hovel in Jaipur; two sari dressed women “recycling” cow's dung in a village in Uttar Pradesh; the millions of indian pilgrims gathering in Haridwar every 12 years for the Kumbha Mela: these are just some episodes of “Indian Flow”.

If you'd like to back this project, you can book a “share/quote” (corresponding to a dvd of “Indian Flow”) by clicking the “support” button on this page There's nothing to pay immediately. When 500 shares will be reached (the 500 shares needed to cover the production budget) each supporter will be asked to pay his share (15€).

By this contribution you'll put into action the idea of a new collective publishing, and of course you'll receive your “Indian Flow” dvd copy home (with no shipping charges).

Obviously, the more we are the better it is, so spread the word!