Indian Flow is a travel documentary structured in episodes: each place comes with associated stories, events and reflections. Here some of these episodes:
  • Awakening in Varanasi: dawn on the Ganges, the city wakening, people going to the river for bathing and doing the washing, the issue of pollution, the meeting of Pintu and his stories;
  • A day in Agra: from India's most touristic attraction – Taj Mahl – to the small, poor villages surrounding Agra, a sadhu's funeral and his burial in a temple's garden; the meeting of professor S Lal and his ideas about religion;
  • Jaipur flows: a dive in the bazaars of the chaotic Jaipur – the “pink city” -, the meeting of the Gipsy Okmar and his string puppets, the artist Rama Shankar, the trip to the Monkey Temple;
  • Tourists: what happens if you visit India as a tourist: a piece of video art set in the desert city of Fatehpur Sikiri;
  • Pushkar and the lake which is not there anymore: mushrooming hotels have poisoned the lake to death; against this background the meeting of Anup and Aloo Baba, and the lunch in a nomads' hut in the middle of the desert;
  • Kumbha Mela: the world's biggest religious gathering, ascetic sadhus and rockstar sadhus, walking with the young Raj amongst 16 million pilgrims.